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Whether it's cold or hot, Cool & Anti-Bac can handle it.


Nowadays the weather changes often. When it rains, it's extremely damp. Hot weather has a bad smell that makes women lose their confidence. Wacoal recommends Cool & Anti – Bac , Wacoal's innovative underwear that is cool and breathable. Let's see what kind there will be. And do you like girls? Let's go and see, sis.

Type 1 Cool Smart Size Bra

Bra Cool Smart Size, easy to choose, comfortable to wear, can be worn as Inner or Outer, it's great. It's a rainy season item. It's stuck in the closet. No matter how you survive, model WB5X62. Bra with perforated sponge, breathable, not humid, seamless, smooth, reducing friction. Extra Comfort fabric. Cool and comfortable. Special quick-drying with coating. Anti-Bacteria

Type 2 Cool Innovation bra model WB5X57

Rain every day like this, don't worry. Bra problems have a musty smell.. with Cool Innovation bra model WB5X57, a perforated sponge bra, ventilated, quick-drying, not stuffy, seamless, smooth, reducing friction, Extra Comfort fabric, cool and comfortable, quick-drying. with coating Anti-Bacteria

Type 3 Wacoal Curve Diva

Innovative evening bra, new freshman Wacoal Curve Diva , model WB7539 , beautiful, comfortable to wear, very soft, dare you to try. Not overflowing, not flabby, Anti-Bac coated fabric eliminates the problem of smelly bras, perforated moles, breathable, light, comfortable to wear all day, plus easy to wash and dry quickly. The shoulder straps are soft and gentle, not painful, not irritating.

In addition to introducing Wacoal underwear. Cool, comfortable, and ventilated, Wacoal will introduce tips on choosing and caring for lingerie for women. The weather changes often too. Let's see what's what. Wash your underwear often, sis. Humid air can cause mold.

  • 💦Wash clean and dry thoroughly in a ventilated place.
  • 💦 If the underwear is not dry Do not iron with an iron. will cause the fibers to deteriorate
  • 💦 In rainy season, don't wear sponge-enhanced shirts. Cool & Anti-Bac is recommended . Quick-drying without odor.
  • 💦 Not wearing tight underwear poor ventilation

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